For those who love "just puttz'n around"

Puttz'n is a fun way to embrace full-on adulting. Because let’s face it… these days, so many of us can be found “just puttz’n around”.

What is “puttz’n”?

It’s what fills the space between the big projects. It’s after work, before the kids wake up, when the wife has stepped in the shower.

It’s a little work in the garage. A little work in the basement. Maybe puttz’n around out by the grill. Tinkering. Lawn mowing. Re-organizing some tools. Essentially, glorified dad life. But ladies can definitely be known to puttz from time to time too.

It’s “puttz’n”.

If you or someone you know is a true puttz’er, snag some threads!

Because these chores aren’t going to do themselves.